Generator Professionals

Generator Professionals

Published: December 5th, 2016

The Association of Generator Professionals… Certified Generator Installers:  how do I find one?  Do they make a difference?

The American Association of Generator Professionals is an association dedicated to promoting the adoption of certain professional standards for  standby generator installation businesses. The installation of standby generators for homes and small business represents one of the fastest growing industries in our country.  Due to frequently violent weather patterns that have been trending for the past several years, the unreliability and uncertainty of the power grid, and labor issues, these businesses are popping up everywhere.  It seems that suddenly, everyone is a generator installer.  While electricians are the trade that you would normally consider for the installation of these units, they are not generally trained to perform many aspects of the installation process.  Yes, they can make electrical connections and yes…they understand the principles of safe wiring practices. Unfortunately, that is the end of most  electrical contractor’s qualifications to install generators.  There are many adjustments that need to be made, unit programming that they do not possess the software or the training to install.  This training is only provided to factory-trained individuals who have made a substantial investment in this industry. There are certifications that need to be earned by the generator professional such as Certified Generator Service Technician, and Master Small Engine Technician  to name a couple.  The lack of industry trained professionals, compared to the growth of these types of businesses justifies the need for professional organizations such as the Association of Generator Professionals.

The Association of Generator Professionals  mission is as follows:  To promote to businesses, the adoption of industry standards for the sale and installation of standby generators and the voluntary commitment by its business members, to the highest degree of dedication and professionalism.

All Association members must agree to make the following commitment:

  • To represent themselves in business in a professional manner and a pledge of honesty in all dealings with its clients.
  • A pledge of commitment to the highest level of training and education in the industry.
  • To follow all applicable codes and installation standards.
  • To install all products in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and training.
  • To have and to maintain all necessary licensing and insurance required by their State and local jurisdiction